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-The Professional Privacy Film is a privacy film for laptop and desktop. It is designed to preserve the confidentiality of information displayed on a computer screen.

-Once positioned, only the user located in front of the screen can view the information and any lateral vision, greater than 30 °, is totally obscured by an opaque filter.

-Perfectly adapted to mobility, it ensures the privacy of computer screens, especially when traveling: offices, open spaces, airports, airplanes, trains, cafes and other public places.

-Work productively, anywhere, without worrying about prying eyes. Very simple to install, it can be removed and repositioned, to infinity and in an instant, to share its screen with third parties. Fine and durable, the filter also provides protection for the screen against scratches, dirt and shocks.

-It is also anti-reflective, very handy when you want to use your computer in a bright or sunny environment.


Model NumberPORT 900216
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Screen Size 18.5 Inch
Weight 0.20 kg
Warranty 1 year warranty

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